The team

Equipe Novius OS - Gilles FélixGilles Félix - Engineer

@felixgilles | Gilles on GitHub

The team's front-end expert: he knows jQuery UI, Wijmo and Tiny MCE like the back of his hand.



Equipe Novius OS - Antoine LefeuvreAntoine Lefeuvre - UX designer

@jiraisurfer | Antoine on GitHub

The team's designer. He always keeps the user in mind in this world of technologies.



Equipe Novius OS - Julian EspératJulian Espérat - Engineer

@savageman86 | Julian on GitHub

The frameworks man and FuelPHP specialist.



Equipe Novius OS - Sébastien DrouyerSébastien Drouyer - Engineer

@sdrdis | Sébastien on GitHub

The lead developer of Réso-Nova has joined the team of Novius OS.



Not forgetting Frédéric Jacquemoud and Laurence Vignon, responsible for the visual identity and graphic design, as well as many other Novusians.



Meet our awesome contributors.



Novius OS is based on FuelPHP. Interfaces use the jQuery UI framework as well as Wijmo themes and plugins. Novius OS WYSIWYG editor is Tiny MCE.

Other plugins


Novius OS is hand-coded with PhpStorm from JetBrains.



Novius OS website has been created by Novius Agency. It has been translated into English by Verónica González de la Rosa.


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