Novius OS for developers

More than a CMS

Novius OS. OS stands for open source but also for operating system. Several reasons lead us to talk about an operating system rather than a mere content management system:

  • Like smartphones or tablets operating systems, Novius OS is based on the application concept. Applications are launched in parallel (thus allowing multitasking) and communicate among each other as well as in and out of the system (input-output towards social networks, third party softwares, etc).
  • Novius OS provides a rich environment for applications: standardised UI, rights system, internal and external connectors, events, theming, etc.
  • Novius OS media centre looks like a real file system. Applications have an API to use, add and modify files. Additionally the Media Centre is as good as a file explorer.

An ideal environment for your developments

Novius OS - Environnement idéal pour le développement

Novius OS provides developers everything they need to easily create an application. Novius OS is based on FuelPHP and uses its utilities to make the developer's task easier (ORM, Oil, etc.).

Novius OS comes with the 'Build your app' wizard. It allows to you create the core of a new application in a few minutes. Starting from there, a rich documentation gives you all the details you need to further the development.

Novius OS takes the interface in charge too. It is extremely easy to adopt the standard UI so that each application integrates seamlessly with the OS and enjoys the power of Novius OS HTML5 interfaces (powered by jQuery UI and Wijmo).

Applications developed by Novius are natively multilanguage too. Therefore even if not initially planned, one or more languages can be added to an existing development without a heavy refactoring.

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