AGPL v3 LICENSE - Contributor's guide

Novius OS is an open source project, distributed under the GNU AGPL v3 license (read the license).

As a preamble to the GNU AGPL v3 License, we wish to specify our reading of certain points concerning it in order to enhance safety for users and contributors:

  • Contract of confidence: Novius seeks to work in an intelligent manner with those who contribute to the NOVIUS OS project. With the GNU AGPL v3 License, our aim is to guarantee the sustainability ot the engine as a libre / open source software.

  • Concerning the modules we have the will to guarantee the freedom to choose the license. The notion of “a Work Based on Program” doesn’t concern therefore the developments which although depending on source code put under GNU AGPL v3 license, remain easily distinguishable from the said initial source code, are not necessary to its functioning and constitute an instance reportable by a person skilled in the art.

  • Modified Version”: any development modifying the kernel or a native module is considered as a derivate work. It’s equally the case for any development based on NOVIUS OS which uses internal functions or variables of the kernel or a native module.

  • Contamination: most modules not being Modified Version nor “a Work based on Program”, they can be distributed under the license of your choice, including a proprietary license. You are of course free to sell or distribute free of charge yours modules for Novius OS, whatever the license.

  • Redistribution: any Modified Version or Work Based on Program must be redistributed under the GNU AGPLv3 licence. By virtue of the Affero clause (13), is considered as a redistribution the fact to make available software as hosted services (Software as a Service). For the latter, source codes corresponding to the version in use must therefore necessarily be proposed in download from the internet site of the said software without consideration nor any other constraint whatsoever.


Contributor License Agreement

PDF icon NOVIUS Contributor License Agreement

Not all contributions necessarily require the signing of the CLA. Only copyrighted contributions are concerned.

Software copyright principle states that the code must be originally formatted, architectured and thought. For instance, correcting a syntax error is not copyrighted and therefore signing the CLA is not required.

Should you have any doubt, do not hesitate to contact us, particularly during the pull request on GitHub.

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