Official release of Novius OS 0.1

Created on Thursday 20 September 2012 16:56

Today, our project to provide people with one single tool for their digital communication has reached a significant milestone. Novius OS' version 0.1 (master) is out.

What will you find in this first version? Many features which are at the core of the Novius OS project:

  • Tab-based OS: less navigation, more space for the actual content, multi-tasking. An interface designed to ease content management.
  • Media centre: a real file system. All the medias from the different applications are centralised and, therefore, easier to find and re-use.
  • Multi-language: we take the pain out of multilingual content management (manage as many versions as you need; some fully translated, others not; add a new language after the development has ended).
  • Custom business applications: your CMS, your data. We've made it easy for developers to create customer-specific applications (a bootstrap application is available).
  • CMS basics: publish pages, blog posts, create users, assign them permissions, etc.
  • And content sharing.

Content sharing

Discover this very important feature of Novius OS with theses slides and screencast:


With this official release comes a first version of the technical documentation. More will follow, documentation is king.


0.1 master is available for you to download on GitHub. Here's how to get started. Have fun!

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