Novius OS on Open Funding: Support the Content Explorer project!

Created on Friday 13 June 2014 16:13

Open Funding is a co-funding platform for free software. It aims at providing a sustainable business model to free software development and common good production. We're happy to take part in the platform's launch with the Content Explorer project.

The idea behind Open Funding is to enable free software users to contribute to projects by funding them feature by feature, creating a long term relationship between a project and its community. It also takes a professional approach to crowdfunding by enabling users to validate the development, thus guaranteeing the quality of the result.

Open Funding

We have a great project for Novius OS and we need your support!

Novius OS needs a way to centrally view and manage all content and media, across the different websites and apps that it powers. With the new Content Explorer, it will be the first CMS to have this powerful tool, and the simpler existing Media Centre will be replaced with many new features. Check out the project page on Open Funding for a full description.

With your help we can make the Content Explorer project happen, and bring Novius OS to the next level. Please feel free to contact us (please use the "Discussions" tab on our Open Funding page) if you have some questions about the project.

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