Novius OS Dubrovka

Created on Monday 10 February 2014 14:15

Novius OS fourth major version (D = 4) has been released today. This very international version is named after the Russian city of Dubrovka (and also a famous Moscow metro station).

Novius OS Dubrovka

This is a presentation of Novius OS Dubrokva new features. Go to the Download page to get this new version.

Russian, Spanish and Interlingue versions

Novius OS goes international! Dubrovka brings three new languages to Novius OS users: Russian, Spanish and Interlingue Occidental (a constructed language devised to be understood by any Western person).

We want to thank our great contributors for opening Novius OS to many new users worldwide. Kudos to Vadim Oparin for the Russian translation, Veronica Gonzalez de la Rosa for the Spanish translation and Anthony Bleton-Martin for the Interlingue translation! Many thanks to Fumito Mizuno too, who has updated the Japanese translation for Dubrovka. (The core team takes care of the English and French versions.)

What about adding your language to Novius OS? Translating Novius OS is a great way to make a difference to the project. And it isn't as complicated as you may fear. You can start with the front-office text  (~220 words only), which shouldn't take more than an hour to translate. Read the translator's guide to Novius OS to find out more or contact us on the forum.

Dubrovka international versions

A better system for developers = more apps = more features

Yes, we've told you many times already, but we prefer to insist: The 'OS' in Novius OS means something to us, it isn't a marketing thing. It means the CMS is designed as an applications platform. When you use, say, Linux for your computer or iOS for your smartphone, you're getting the features you need by downloading software and apps. Our objective is for Novius OS users to enjoy the same flexibility to manage web content: A reliable system + Apps that fit your needs = a CMS which adapts to your content (and not the reverse).

Therefore our role as the core team is to make application developers' life easy by providing them with an ever-better system. All the time and efforts spent on improving the core doesn't bring direct advantages to end users. Yet we're confident they will eventually get new features through more and better apps. (All the more so now that Novius OS has its applications' directory. By the way, new apps are to be released in the coming weeks, stay tuned.)

Dubrovka comes with much-improved mechanisms to extend applications. Before, developers could only extend config files. Now views and language files are also extendable. What's more an application can now extend several applications.

Dubrovka has more in store for developers (to tune the WYSIWYG editor for instance). If you're a developer (or just interested!), you'll find all the details in the release notes.

Updated to the latest technology

All Novius OS major vendors have been updated to their latest version. That is FuelPHP 1.7.1, jQuery 1.10.2, Wijmo 2013v3.20, TinyMCE 3.5.10 and RequireJS 2.1.9. Carrying out these updates is quite time-consuming and they entail some breaking changes. Nevertheless we're committed to provide Novius OS users and developers with the latest web technology. We want Novius OS to be a future-ready CMS and it begins with fresh vendors.

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