Novius OS Chiba is out!

Created on Thursday 25 April 2013 12:11

The third version of the Open Source CMS Novius OS has just been released. It is named after the Japanese city of Chiba.

Novuis OS Chiba

Here is a review of Novius OS Chiba new features. Download it now if you can't wait!

Japanese version - 日本語版

Novius OS is now fully available in Japanese. It has been translated by our awesome contributor Fumito Mizuno. The Japanese FuelPHP community is very active and a FuelPHP-powered CMS brings a lot of expectations. We've named this version after the city of Chiba to thank Fumito and the members of the Japanese community. ありがとうございます, Novius OS Chiba is yours!

(Do you want the next version of Novius OS to be named Denpasar, Dazhou or Dordrecht? Translate Novius OS into your language! Read our translator's guide or contact us.)

Novius OS Chiba - Japanese version

Roles and advanced permissions

You now have much more possibilities to manage users, access rights and workflows in Novius OS.

Roles have been introduced. Create roles, set the permissions, assign each user one or more roles. If you only have to manage a few users, it's not a problem, roles can be disabled.

Application may now define their own specific rights. Do you need user statuses—e.g. writer, reviewer—for your workflow? Do you want to limit access to some categories or folders? Or to grant some users read-only access? All this (and more) is possible. Read the documentation on permissions to get started.

Novius OS Chiba - Advanced permissions

A better cache

Novius OS cache system has been improved. A lot. It is now both more flexible and robust.

It has been pre-released on some Novius websites, which see up to 40 000 pageviews per hour. We're very happy with the CMS performance.

Besides, developers are provided with tools to tailor caching to their needs and fine-tune the site's performance. You'll find all the details in the updated documentation.

Schedule publishing

Create Once Publish Everywhere. This is our objective for Novius OS. Publish everywhere... and anytime! With Novius OS Chiba, you can indeed schedule when to release and/or unpublish your pages and blog posts. This new feature actually applies to any application with the Publishable behaviour, including your custom applications.

Novius OS Chiba - Schedule publishing

What about the Content Centre?

As announced in March, we're working on a Content Centre, the sister application of the Media Centre. Yet because we wanted to release the features above as early as possible, we decided not the include the Content Centre in Novius OS Chiba. Don't worry though, it will come in Novius OS D.

What's more they will be a Chiba 2 version beforehand. It is currently being developed. Features include: advanced permissions applied to native applications, WAMP support and developers tools, Comments application.

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