Novius OS Chiba 2 now available

Created on Thursday 29 August 2013 17:26

Chiba 2 is Novius OS' third major release this year. As its name indicates, this new version follows on from Chiba, launched in April. Here is a tour of the new features.

Download Chiba 2 or clone it on GitHub. (Or try the demo)

Install made easier, Windows supported

We want Novius OS to be as easy as possible to install. After all, installing is the starting point for every Novius OS developer! Therefore we had the install procedure tested by users, got a lot of feedback which helped us improved the install wizard. Chiba 2 is a lot easier to install on your computer or server than the previous versions. In addition, Novius OS is now available for Windows developers: Chiba 2 runs on WAMP (from Vista up). It also runs on Nginx thanks to the communitywhich means you can install Novius OS on a Raspberry Pi.

We don't pretend the install is perfect though, this is an on-going (never-ending actually!) process. If you encounter problems or have improvement ideas while installing, please share them in the forum.

Install made easier

Advanced permissions for native applications

We've used the advanced permissions features released with Chiba 1 to improve the native applications. Blog, Webpages, Forms, Media Centre, etc. they all offer specific permissions: restrict access to certain categories or folders, organise collaborative work, control publishing and so on.

To create a worflow tailored to your organisation, bear in mind native applications can be extended to add or amend permissions.

Advanced permissions native apps

‘Comments’ application

Novius OS latest native application allows you to get and moderate comments on your website. Its features include:

  • Pre- and post- moderation modes.
  • Dedicated back-office application to search and moderate all comments in one place.
  • Subscription/unsubscription to a discussion for commenters.
  • Natively plugged to Blog, pluggable to any application.

Comments app

A long list of improvements

Have a look at Chiba 2's changelog to discover the many improvements and new tools that come with this new version. Here are some of the most noticeable:

  • API to transform images (e.g. crop, rotate, flip),
  • New ‘Author’ behaviour,
  • WYSIWYG customisation,
  • Friendly slugs’ customisation,
  • ‘Reload tab’ action,
  • Common fields for twinnable content.

Next stop: Novius OS D

The design of Novius OS’ next version is almost over, the development has already started. It will be a major milestone for the CMS: the ‘OS’ suffix in Novius OS will make complete sense thanks to the Content Explorer. We’ll keep you updated on this new version, giving you details before the release... including the city it will named after!

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