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Created on Thursday 7 March 2013 17:51

Novius OS 0.1, Novius OS 0.2. Many people believe '0.x' means here that Novius OS is unstable, that it cannot be used. As it isn't the case, we decided to introduce new version names.

NOS Berlin (en)

So why '0.x' if not to indicate instability? For us, it means there's still work ahead for Novius OS to fulfil its promise: To provide users with one single tool for their digital communication. One back-office to manage one or several websites, social media accounts, newsletters and mobile applications. Many of these features are already available but we're not there yet.

This said, we don't want potential users to believe that Novius OS isn't ready. It actually powers many websites. Therefore Novius OS major versions will now be named after a city. They will be released in alphabetical order: Novius OS 0.1 is Novius OS Amsterdam, Novius OS 0.2 is Novius Berlin and Novius OS 0.3 will be Novius OS C... We let you know in due time what is our next destination.

We've chosen Amsterdam for the first version, because Novius OS is based on the FuelPHP framework whose most core team members are Dutch. Besides, a Novius OS-powered social TV project won an award in Amsterdam. The second version is named after Germany's capital, as the project has received a lot of attention from across the Rhine lately.

Version numbers are not dropped though. Every version will have a version number and minor versions won't bear any codename. But people who don't closely follow the project will remember the cities. The naming system we've adopted is fairly similar to Android's desserts.

Novius OS third version

The development of Novius OS C, the third version, has started. We'll tell you what are the new features in a blog post next week. Remember to follow us on Twitter or to subscribe to the RSS feed to be updated.

More releases

We're big fans of the 'Release Early, Release often' principle. With Novius OS Berlin, we reckon too many important features were released at the same time: Multi-sites, 'Build your app' wizard, Forms application and more. Releases could have been smaller and more frequent. This is exactly what we'll do for Novius OS C. A version 0.2.1 is in progress, more details next week!

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