How to get involved

You can contribute in different ways according to the time and skills you have. Thank you in advance for your contribution!

You only have 2 minutes

Take our survey!

You only have 15 minutes

You can help us even if you don't have much time. Test the demofor example, add an image to the Media Centre then a pageand let us know your feedback in the forum. What you liked or disliked, what seemed easy or hard to you.

Feel free to share your findings on social networks (every page of this site has share buttons to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter) or talk about Novius OS around you.

You are a developer

The best thing to do is to install Novius OS and set up your first test site. Do not hesitate to let us know about any bugs or improvement ideas.

The second step may be to create your first application and share it on GitHub. You'll see it's easy thanks to the 'Build you app' wizard.

You are a translator

Novius OS is ready to be translated into any language. Read our translator’s guide to Novius OS which includes a quick start guide. One hour (tops) is needed for this first step and it makes a difference to the project.

You are a graphic designer

You have some HTML/CSS skills and want to design templates for Novius OS? Please contact us, we'll tell you how to get started.

You can also create wallpapers for Novius OS desktop (resolution: 1920x1440 or even 2560x1440). The forum is the place where to share your designs with us.

You tweet or write a blog

As Novius OS is at its beginnings, you can greatly help us by making Novius OS known on your blog or Twitter account. If you need any further information to write an article, have a look at our media kit.

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